Having Signing into Office 365? Here is How You Can Fix it

Office 365 is a very useful and important tool for communication and all kinds of correspondence between employees. You can find it a lot easier to communicate with your employees with this application. Also, it has many important and interesting features which makes it all the more attractive. But you might face some problems while signing in to the application. In fact, it is the most common problem faced by people.


There could be many reasons why you can fail to sign in to Office 365. To solve the problem you have to find out the reason why you cannot do so. The common reason is that you have forgotten your email id and password with which you had signed in earlier. If it is so, you will be locked out after ten unsuccessful attempts. In that case, either you need to reset your password or update your password on all the devices which are connected to your Microsoft account. To check your setup, you can use Office.com/setup link. Sometimes, your account may be blocked for some reason. And in that case, it shows that you have to contact your admin to reset the account. In that case, you actually have to contact your admin to reset your password and the account is set.

If you have multiple user accounts in a single browser, you may be automatically signed in as a different user. In that case, you have to clear all the cache and internet cookies. After that, you have to sign in again to gain access to your application. While using the application, you might have to change your password periodically. Sometimes, you might not be able to sign in if your password has expired. In that case, you need to change the password. When you do not type the correct syntax of your user id, it may show you an error. Therefore, it is important to use the user id which your organisation has assigned to you. Along with that, you can write down your id and password somewhere safe to be extra sure.

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