Privacy Policy

While using the services of our company, you must abide by all the rules and regulations laid down as per company policy. As long as you wish to continue with our services, you agree to follow and maintain the company rules. In case any disagreement arises regarding the company rules and regulations, you can settle the matter in the court.

For the protection of company data and prevent any kind of breach, we strictly follow the privacy policy and hope our customers do the same. Hence, all customers are requested to go through the privacy policy and know about the rules. We also maintain to keep the customers’ information confidential and expect our customers to maintain the same.

Privacy Policy Principles

  •    We maintain transparency in doing business and go by the laws of the country. We conduct all activities based on the consent of the customer and within the boundaries of the law.
  •    We provide you with all the details and reasons for using your personal information and maintain so that it is not misused.
  •    We use the latest technologies for protecting customer data. Also, while handling or sharing information with third parties, we make sure that the data protection policy is not mishandled.

Our terms and conditions of the company also include that you must not indulge in any activity which harms the reputation of the company. You must not take part in any way which results in the data breach or breaks the confidentiality of any confidential data. Also, in case you get to know about any kind of data breach, you should provide us with that information at the earliest. To prevent your information from getting leaked, you must comply with the rules laid down by the company and follow them. It helps us to operate a successful business while keeping your interests at heart.